S2 Ep. 24: Exclusive, Open, & Poly Talk

Special guests:

KG Smooth~  Host of The Quiet Storm on Majic 102.1 9p-1a and Host of Access Houston 6a-7a on 97.9.

Janae Stricktland-Nunn~ Creator of Confessions From A Red Couch Blog & Podcast

Muqaddim Naseer ~ Navy Vet and Deep Thinker Influencer.

S2 Ep. 23 Divorced Men & Dating

Special Guests:

Dr. Faraji Toure'

Everett Hare Sr.

 We are talking about divorced and dating relationships again, but this time we will sit with the MEN. Let us get this new status from the men's point of view. We will ask them all the same questions we asked the women BUT lets also add the MONEY factor and dating.  The pros and the cons of it all and if they see wedding bells in their lives again.  

S2. Ep. 22: Divorced WOmen & Dating

Special Guests:

Jamie Eustace

Latyna of the Flawed & Free Podcast.

We are back with more Relationship Series content! Today we will look at the shift in how we form relationships after divorce from the women's point of view. We will look at life after the break of the coupling and how women now view entering new relationships. The pros and the cons of it all 

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 S2E29 - SURVIVING IT ALL W/  E. Leese Main of Shall We Proceed Podcast.

Real Talk With Ghost and Big G Real Talk Episode

 Ft E.leese Shall We Proceed Podcast . 

 Episode 10: Your Words Mean Things Sis


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