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Why I Proceed...


Welcome to the most safe and judgement free podcast on the planet.  A podcast where double standards are non factors and speaking freely is the only way! Hello I am Erline, aka E. Leese Main, and I wanted to share with the masses people that are not afraid to speak their minds and say what so many of us are afraid to say! 

I miss the days of real conversation. The moments before the electronic devices and social media. When friends and family joined great conversation flourished all while having drink and eating a good home cooked meal. No topic is off limits and every topic is within reach.

I am just a simple 40~ish  woman, of beautiful color trying to live my purpose and figure out this thing called life. I learned long ago that I cannot do this alone, and sometimes talking it out brings great reward! I hope to share my love of culture, society, movies, books, food, and thoughtful conversation. I created this JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE with the purpose to bring people to the table, no matter your background, to speak their minds and hug after!  We will discuss adulting and all the ups, downs, and double standards that comes along with it! So join in the conversation! Start a dialog! Come on in...the water is fine! So...Shall We Proceed?.....yes indeed!


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S2 Ep. 17:  Surviving Cervical Cancer w/Kimberly Ann

 I will end this month about surviving with my very beautiful friend ...Kimberly Ann IG @justkimlistens  

S2 Ep.18:  Thankful For Our Sibling Love

 Season 2 "Starting off the month of Thankfulness with my family! I have with me my sister and brothers Teresita (Tere), Donahue, and Marius (Tony) We discuss our strange dynamic, age gap, our culture, and the lessons learned from our mother. We dig deep into sibling issues and love. We also look at how society have changed from when we were kids. 

S2Ep. 019 Finding Thankfulness in a Crumbling  Society

  Ending the month of Thankfulness with my podcast fam! I have with me the beautiful Janae Strickland-Nunn of  The Confession From A Red Couch Blog and Podcast.  Follow her at IG: I also have 2/3 if the podcast crew of The 336 Pull-Up Podcast with Frank Stylez and Stevie Kickx. Follow them on IG: @the336pullup 

Guest Spots

Confessions From A Red Couch


 This episode we will be discussing what it means to be a woman of your word.  My guests will be: Tiffany Washington @transformation7 creator and CEO of Transformation7. She is also the creator of the Women Winning at Work Power Brunch which will be held June 7 and 8, 2019 in Houston, TX.   Erline Maingot @erlinema1227 creator and host of @shall_we_proceed_podcast. 

Talka Brothas Podcast

Talka Brothas sit down with guests Christal Clear of the Christal Clear podcast and E Leese Main fro

 Talka Brothas sit down with guests Christal Clear of the Christal Clear podcast and E Leese Main from the Intermission podcast to end Women's History Month. The crew discuss health, relationships, women empowerment, and so much more. The Brothas also debut new segment called versus and things start to get a little heated. 

Real Talk w/ Ghost & Big G



We have The Weekly Rant  ft E.leeseMain Shall We Proceed Podcast

The Brothers Sit Down with EleeseMain to Disscuss Ayesha Curry Comments. Also Money & Relationships. Should couples go 50/50 when it comes to finances? 

The 336 Pull Up Podcast


 Tune in and listen to my guest spot on The 336 Pull Up Podcast!!! I had a blast with Frank Stylz , Stevie Kicks, and J Nyce! We discussed Jay-Z, Power, The Great Chicken Sandwich debate, and how we women folks running shit!
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