S2 Ep. 17: Surviving Cervical Cancer w/Kimberly Ann

I will end this month about surviving with my very beautiful friend ...Kimberly Ann IG @justkimlistens  

S2 Ep.18: Thankful For Our Sibling Love

Season 2 "Starting off the month of Thankfulness with my family! I have with me my sister and brothers Teresita (Tere), Donahue, and Marius (Tony) We discuss our strange dynamic, age gap, our culture, and the lessons learned from our mother. We dig deep into sibling issues and love. We also look at how society have changed from when we were kids. 

S2Ep. 019 Finding Thankfulness in a Crumbling Society

 Ending the month of Thankfulness with my podcast fam! I have with me the beautiful Janae Strickland-Nunn of  The Confession From A Red Couch Blog and Podcast.  I also have 2/3 if the podcast crew of The 336 Pull-Up Podcast with Frank Stylez and Stevie Kickx. Follow them on IG: @the336pullup 

s2. Episode 20: Relationship Series ~ Ep.1: Family By Obliga

 Kicking off our Relationship Series with my amazing friend, and sister of the order Cherlyn D. Brightmon . During this episode we dig deep into blending to two different family dynamics, friend dynamics, and how this relationship is different from all others. We discuss our work with Traffic 911 as they fight this Human Trafficking Epidemic 


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